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By Nigel Tilley 5 years ago
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For many people their goals are to be healthier, do more exercise, be more active, improve at a hobby or activity.  Playing golf is a fantastic way that all those things can achieved together.  Tour Fit for Golf was started to help recreational golfers of all standards; from beginners to scratch, from young to veteran; optimise their health and therefore their golf performance.  If you want to improve your game and at the same time become healthier and fitter, just join Tour Fit for Golf and we will show you how –

Golf is a sport with many health and well-being benefits.  It is played by people of all ages including into there 80’s and 90’s with a reported 60 million participants worldwide.  the health benefits have been widely reported in recent years with an 18 hole round being around 6-8 km of walking and requiring physical exertion often across variable outdoor terrain and can burn over 1500 calories as well as requiring over 8,000-12,000 steps.  A recent Scandinavian study of over 300,000 golfers have shown that people who play golf on a regular basis have a 40% decreased mortality rate than there peers which equates a 5 year increase in life expectancy (regardless of gender or socio-economic status).

It isn’t just physical benefits that can be gained from playing golf.  It suits participants of all abilities, sex and ages, who can all play together and provide unparalleled socialisation opportunities and thus psycho-social benefits to golfers.

By registering with Tour Fit for Golf you will have the added benefit of tools to help your monitor, progress and achieve your goals throughout the year.

The European tour Performance Institute (ETPI) allows golfers of all abilities to practice, learn and improve using tools developed by the European Tour’s medical and performance specialists.  The efficient use of the latest science and technology to improve performance in sport in general and golf in particular, has often been the deciding factor between winning and losing.  This can be used to help you achieve your goals on and off the course.

By following the 24 videos in Tour fit section you will be able to optimise your performance, by which we mean being the best you can be by training your body and muscles to be able to execute the basic moves that combine to create the most effective golf swing.  No matter your level, by following the player examples and exercises you can maximise your control, distance and enjoyment of the game.

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