ETPI Terre Blanche & Jumeirah Golf Estates staff training

By Nigel Tilley 6 years ago
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Staff from the Terre Blanche and Jumeriah Golf Estates European Tour Performance Institutes (ETPI) met at the Terre Blanche facility recently to undergo further training and to continue the development and integration of the assessment, treatment and management philosophies of the two facilities using the ETPIme process.   This process is key to ensuring that golfers and pupils are guided effectively and have taliored solutions that are designed around them.   Multiple European Tour winner Raphael Jacquelin was at hand during the 2 day training session to help staff with developing swing analysis and assessment techniques with world class golfers.

Over the last 25 years the skills, expertise and experiences our staff have gained through working with the worlds best golfers on the European Tour in the European Tour Physio Unit and sports medicine service have shaped the ETPIme process.  The training and meeting of staff across our ETPI facilities ensure that they are not just joined by designation but in the key philosophies of the ETPI.  Professionals and amateur golfers can recieve the same world class standard of care and assessment at any of our ETPI facilities.  A large number of the worlds best golfers on the European Tour utilise the facilities at Terre Blanche and Jumeirah estates when not at tour events to continue their treatment and strength & conditioning programmes as well as biomechanics, swing analysis and the many other services offered by our ETPI facilities.

You are able to recieve these services by visiting either facilities:

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